martedì 8 marzo 2011

sex and the limericks_solo per anglofili

Per signore che amano signori

There was a young lady of Glasgow,
And fondly her lover did ask, "Oh,
Pray allow me a fuck,"
But she said, "No, my duck,
But you may, if you please, up my arse go."

Per signore che amano signore

Said a lesbian lady, "It's sad;
Of all the girls that I've had,
None gave me the thrill
Of real rapture, until
I learned how to be a tribade."

Per signori che amano signori

Well buggered was a boy named Depasse
By all of the lads in his class;
He said, with a yawn:
"When the novelty's gone,
It's only a pain in the ass."

Per signore intellettuali la cui professione è compiacere signori, che siano intellettuali o meno

An intelligent whore from Albania
Read books and grew steadily brainier.
Yet it wasn't her science
That brought her male clients
But her quite uncontrolled nymphomania.

Linda Marsh (a cura di), The Wordsworth Book of Limericks, Wordsworth Editions Limited, Ware, Hertfordshire, 1997.

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